2014 Scholarship Recipients 

Front Row: Linda Thompson, CMC President; Austin Ngo (piano),  $1,000 Admiral Vance & Charlynne Fry Merit Scholarship; Christine Lau (violin), $1,000 Fletcher Bright String Scholarship; Janelle Wigal (French horn), $2,500 Drs. Hilda & Andres Alisago Scholarship; Janet Sump, Scholarship Chair

Back Row: Justin Smith (oboe), $3,000 CMC Scholarship; Drew Craig (tenor), $2,000 Opal Rhea Swaity Scholarship; Joey Shultz (piano), $1,500 Dorothy Cobb Martin Scholarship

2013 Scholarship Recipients 

From left to right: Beth Long, scholarship chairperson; Aaron Hairston, Admiral Vance & Charlynne Fry Merit; Hannah Kuhn, Fletcher Bright Strings; Wesley Carroll, Dr. Hilda & Andres Alisago Jr. & Friends; Hollis Neel, Dorothy Price Cobb Martin Memorial; Hannah Porter, Dorothy Price Cobb Martin Memorial; Abigail Hinchman, Chattanooga Music Club; Aaron Smith, Opal Rhea Swaity Memorial; John Burton, Chattanooga Music Club; Jeannette Martin, CMC president; Jonathan Lau, Chattanooga Music Club

2012 Scholarship Recipients 

First row: Kelsey Stansell, Pianist, Dorothy Martin Award; Holly Kinsey, Bass Clarinet, BruceBenton Award; Mrs. Beth Long, Scholarship Committee Chair; Emily Oing, Violinist, Drs. Andres and Hilda Alisago Award; Monica Cook, Vocalist, Opal Swaity Award.  Second row: Joshua Coleman, Pianist, Chattanooga Music Club Award; Alyssa Baranski, Flute, Admiral and Mrs. Vance (Charlynne) Fry Merit Award; Brian Mu, Violinist, Fletcher Bright Strings Award; Savannah Miller, Vocalist, Patti Benton Stephenson Award
Scholarship Guidelines 

Students who live within a 30-mile radius of downtown Chattanooga are eligible for Chattanooga Music Club Scholarships.

Scholarships available each year include:

The Chattanooga Music Club Scholarship
Dr. Hilda and Andres Alisago Scholarship 
Dorothy Price Cobb Martin Memorial Scholarship
Admiral Vance and Mrs. (Charlynne) Fry Merit Scholarship
Opal Rhea Swaity Scholarship
(Note: Ms. Swaity was the first scholarship winner from the Chattanooga
 Music Club in 1946. Her family gives this in her memory.)

Designated Instrument Scholarships:

Fletcher Bright Strings Scholarship
Jay Craven Clarinet Scholarship

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