2015-2016 Officers

Front row – Lounelle Draper, Corresponding Secretary; Mary Ellen Meloan, Historian; Charlynne Fry, Fourth Vice President; Margaret Ann Randolph, First Vice President; Linda Thompson, President

Back row – Ralph Altman, Treasurer; Pamper Garner Crangle, Recording Secretary; Gary Helton, Third Vice President; Buddy Shirk, Second Vice President; Bob Bernhardt

2014-2015 Officers

Front Row: Mary Ellen Meloan, Historian; Margaret Ann Randolph, 1st Vice President; Linda Thompson, President; Pam Helton, Co-3rd Vice President; Gerald Payne, Treasurer

Back Row: Buddy Shirk, 2nd Vice President; Martin Perez, Parliamentarian; Gary Helton, Co-3rd Vice President; Jane Southerland, 4th Vice President, Lounelle Draper, Corresponding Secretary


As we begin the 119th Season of the Chattanooga Music Club, I am thankful for the establishment of this Club whose mission is “To promote, encourage, and support musical activities in Chattanooga and the surrounding areas bringing musical enrichment to the community, underwriting higher education through the scholarship program and celebrating our heritage in the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Auditorium organ restoration.” 

I am honored to be elected by you to lead this prestigious organization with the help of a talented Board of Directors.  I want to thank all the past presidents for their efforts, and I pledge that I will do my best to lead this organization forward as they have done.  My gratitude goes to all past and present members who have supported the CMC.

I am excited to lead a group of music enthusiasts who imagine possibilities, inspire and encourage others, and are dedicated to making a significant impact on our community.  It was this spirit that encouraged me to become a member just a few short years ago.  I challenge each member to get involved in a CMC effort that interests you.  Our Club will be energized, and you will be blessed with the satisfaction of knowing that you have brought joy to others through our outreach activities.

I am full of hope for a year that will bring even greater awareness and recognition of the marvelous work of the CMC.

Linda Thompson, President

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